is an Educational Portal for all students granting them all necessary materials and information needed for them in their student life. As students from all backgrounds and levels engage in our website, we are careful with the content shared here. We are careful that our website complies with FERPA and COPPA.

FERPA Compliance

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which is the provision that provides us with the Student’s Data for Educational Purposes. With FERPA Compliance our website can access our Students’ Directory Information, the “Directory Information” includes student’s name, email, address, contact number, Date of Birth/ Place of Birth,  Attendance and so on. Parents and Students are also given rights under FERPA to opt-out of certain information. After turning the legal age, students will have those rights transferred to them from their parents.

COPPA Compliance

COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act which is the provision that allows us to collect information strictly for educational purposes. With this provision, parents will have control over what information is collected by our website till the student is of 13 years. Under this provision, Gurubaa has access to the Child’s information through their access to our online Portals and Platforms. This provision concerns students’ information and it does not include information from adults/parents/guardians. The students’ information can include the students name, email, number and other identifying details about the students. With COPPA Compliance, Gurubaa is given consent to create accounts and insert students’ personal details into the online system however it will not be used for commercial purposes.