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600 centres in Kathmandu to vaccinate against Typhoid

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600 centers in Kathmandu to vaccinate against Typhoid Six hundred vaccination centers have been set up in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City to vaccinate children against typhoid. The metropolis has also requested all the schools under Kathmandu Metropolitan City to help in the vaccination campaign against typhoid.

The education department of the metropolis has stated that the vaccination campaign will be conducted from April 8 to May 1.  Children between the ages of 15 months and 15 years can get vaccinated in this campaign.

The Education Officer of the Kathmandu Metropolis, Ram Prasad Subedi said 600 schools, both community and private have been assigned as vaccination centers. The schools that have more than 200 students have been chosen as vaccination centers and health workers from the health centers will be deployed to every vaccination center.

Typhoid is still highly contagious and high risk in Nepal and is one of the top five reasons for hospitalization. The government believes that the effective implementation of the regular vaccination program can significantly reduce the incidence of childhood illness, disability, and infant and child mortality.

The vaccine will initially be given through a nationwide campaign to the 15-month to 15-year-old age group and will then be made available to 15-month-olds through regular vaccinations

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