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Alternative methods used as the books still have not reached students

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Teachers and students are bound to adopt alternative ways of learning as the books still have not reached the students in Upper Humla. More than a month has passed since the school started, yet the books haven’t reached their destination, thus the school has adopted alternative methods to keep the school running smoothly.

Amar Bahadur Shahi, Principal of Mansarovar Secondary School in Simkot Rural Municipality said the teachers are using the internet to download the topics to teach students. The downloaded materials are written on the whiteboard and the students copy them, this way the school has been continuing studies. Even the homework is given through the same method. Thus, even though the classes are running smoothly, it has been running likes so.

Not a single student in the school has books. Similarly, Mej Buda, Principal of Kailash Secondary School, Dadaphaya, Simkot said the situation was the same in his school too. He said classes of fourth, seventh and ninth grade were conducted in this manner. He said classes till fifth grade were being conducted grade with old books.

Teachers in the Bal Mandi Secondary School were doing the same, downloading materials to teach. The situation in all three schools was the same. The school has to manage internet services through their own means.

Dharmananda Lama, Principal of Buddha Primary School of Namkha Rural Municipality said they are using the books of old students as only the schools who have access to the internet can download the materials. Namkha Municipality has 16 schools but only schools and among them, only the schools that have access to the internet can download the materials from the internet, the rest have to use books of the passed out students.

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