Campaign to Improve the Condition of Public Schools

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Minister of Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel has declared that all Community Public Schools will have fully facilitative buildings within the next 3 years. On Sunday while inaugurating the Gyanodaya Secondary School said that the campaign to improve the standard of Public Schools has begun.

A 10-year Plan to improve the quality of Public Schools has begun, said Poudel. 12 thousand schools’ physical buildings have been built and in the next 3 years, we are planning to complete the physical Infrastructure of all the schools.

Stating that along with the school’s physical infrastructure, the ministry’s priorities are also legal reforms and the reform of the teaching and learning process and he said that the concerned bodies should make a common motive to improve the quality of schools.

Poudel said that there may be problems with service facilities for teachers, but the Ministry of Education is moving forward to provide service facilities to the teachers, similar to civil servants. He added, the Ministry of Education is not only for employees within the office but also for teachers. He assured that the ministry will pay special attention to the problems of bus arrangement in schools with more than 2000 Students and positions of teachers.

To promote Higher Education, technical education is also added to the school education system, he said. For that, Earning while Learning Program has started in additional 100 schools this year. At the same event, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Sunita Dangol said that the metropolis is working to improve the public schools and expressed the city’s commitment to improving the quality of public schools.

Dr Mahashram Sharma, Chairman of the National Examination Board said that with the right leadership, the quality of the school will improve. He said now the priority should be given to matters such as schools mapping, vacancies, etc. while fixing the weaknesses of the past.

The newly built  35-room school building of Gyanodaya Secondary School has been completed with an investment of 50 Lakhs rupees. Currently, the School has 42,000 students studying in the School.

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