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Consistency seen in Students after arrangements of the lunch program

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Local levels have started making student-centred programs to improve the quality of education at community schools. Aathrai Rural Municipality of Tehrathum district has started arranging lunch for the students to make them attend school regularly.

The lunch for students program run by the Aathrai Rural Municipality has been effective as many students have been attending school regularly. The program was started last fiscal year in 53 community schools within the Rural Municipality, the lunch was given to the students till class 5. Teachers feel that the teaching and learning have been much easier in the school after the lunch program, they say the students are regularly attending school making the studious environment in the school.

Due to the lunch program, 100 per cent of the students have started attending the school, said the Principal of Mahendrodaya Aadharbhut Vidhyala. The rural municipality has been giving Rs. 20 each to the students on the basis of the student’s attendance, the amount is given to the parents which helps them with the lunch for their children. Locals also said that the lunch program has encouraged the students to go to school and study as well as participate in Extracurricular Activities.

Since the Lunch Program was launched in the Rural Municipality of Aathrai, the number of students in the community schools has gradually increased and the number of students in the Private schools has decreased. o make the lunch program effective, Deurali Society, a social organization, has also distributed tiffin boxes for lunch to students of different schools.

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