Distributing School Supplies to Promote Education

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School supplies have been distributed to the poor children to prevent the students from dropping out in Shivaraj Municipality-3 of Kapilvastu.

40 extremely poor and orphaned children have been provided with school supplies to promote education in the community as dropouts are highly seen before the examination. Along with the school supplies, trolley speakers and fans were also distributed to 6 different schools.

Teklal Sapota, Chairperson of Ward-3 said that the orphans and needy children who are always at risk of dropping out should be protected, keeping in mind the fundamental rights of the children. He added that the program was brought to make the future of the children bright, everyone should have equal access to education.

The principal of Bewar Bhawani Aadharbhut School praised the work done by the ward and such programmes would increase the sustainability of the studies among children. These types of programs would boost the quality of education and provide motivation to the students for their education, this investment in the education sector is very impactful, he added.

Banke. Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan Municipality has started sanitary pads distribution campaigns in Community Schools and Madrasah to increase the regular attendance of female students. The Deputy Mayor of the Nepal Sub-Metropolis said that the program has been started to provide sanitary pads to the girls of the age group so that they do not have difficulty in schools during menstruation, this will increase the regular attendance of the girls in the school.

Sanitary Pad Distribution in School

The program has not only been aimed to increase attendance but also to promote health and hygiene. The program aims to distribute pads to 11,000 female students, the campaign started from Dhambozhi Secondary School and will reach all the schools in the city. Each student will be provided with 6.5 packets of Sanitary pads.

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