Errors found in SEE result of 2078 B.S.

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A candidate of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Batch 2078 scored zero marks in the subject Mathematics after the publication of the results. Some examinees dissatisfied with their scores applied for the re-evaluation to Sanothimi, Office of the Examination Controller Division.

When they retrieved an answer sheet from Poka for re-review, Panika’s staff were stunned. Since the candidate received 80 marks, only the front points were granted when the scores were given. Thankfully, the examinee’s grade could be upgraded from ‘E’ to ‘A’ only because he applied for re-evaluation.

A total of 2 thousand 671 has been received by Sanothimi, and the candidates who are dissatisfied with the results in SEE can apply for the re-evaluation until Sunday. Since the relevant district allows candidates to apply for reappointment, it is expected that approximately 1000 students might go through the registration. After applying for the reappraisal and looking through the questionnaire, some candidates’ shocking results have been revealed. Four marks, 40 marks, 36 marks, and 66 marks have been changed after resuming at 71. ‘E’ grade has been upgraded to ‘A’ plus, ‘and so on.

“The examiner’s carelessness has been seen”, said the sub-examination controller, Bhakta Bahadur Godar. When the reviewer hastily reviews additional answer sheets, such mistakes occur, including an error in the deduction of the highest number of marks. It is a technical blunder, according to Panika. It appears that the findings of hundreds of examinees were corrupted due to the negligence of the examiners. As a result, examinees who had been pleased with the results and did not request a re-review have been subjected to injustice.

He further stated that when entering the scores in the answer book, there was an error. Panika has appointed education service workers to enter the answer book for a fee of 20 paise. Five paise per subject is provided to the human resources entering class 12.

To encourage accuracy, the research panel recommended that sanctions be implemented in 2069. It has become a recommendation that is difficult to follow.

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