Far-western University

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The Far-Western University was established as a government-funded national university in 2010 AD by the Act of Parliament. The university was established to operate as the major academic institution in the country in terms of academic brilliance, research-based education, communal engagement and partnership.

Far-Western University has been continuously striving to make higher education accessible to the people of the region through the university’s constituent campus spread over the nine districts of the Far-Western Province. The university has been constantly giving diverse educational programs for higher education programs for undergraduates and graduates with the main principle of ‘right to education and accessibility of higher education to worthy students”.

The university provides students education in various subjects through its different faculties. The university has 7 faculties, 7 Central Departments, 40+ programs and 14 constituent campuses.

Far-western University follows a semester academic calendar and provides courses with a duration of 4 years for undergraduates and 2 years for graduates. FWU has also started its MPhil and PhD degrees in February 2021.

The university is involved in introducing new curriculums, revising pedagogy and strengthening the existing programs and more to achieve academic excellence and become one of the best institutions in the nation. The university has set a strategic document to support its vision and mission of the university.

Faculties Under Far-Western University

There are 7 faculties under the Far-Western University. They are listed and briefly discussed below:

1. Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology Under Far Western is a dedicated institution to providing excellent education and skill related to the field of science and technology.

2. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Under Far Western University,  the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the leading faculties striving to achieve excellence in higher education. This faculty has been offering academic programs since 2011, it currently provides programs for undergraduate, graduate, MPhil and PhD. The faculty has been constantly updating the programs as per the changes and needs of society. The program Faculty of Humanities and Social Science provides meets the changes in society which make the programs relevant and competitive for the students.

3. Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of engineering was established to enhance the Far Western University’s capacity to provide and promote Technical Education. The University had initially begun providing Bachelors of Civil Engineering in 2014 under the School of Engineering which is now operated by the Faculty of Engineering. The Faculty now operates all engineering courses and aims to operate and launch more bachelors and masters courses under the faculty of Engineering.

4. Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education under the Far-Western University is striving to provide education in this field aiming to be the educational hob for all learners and researchers. The faculty of education functions with the aim to become the educational hob for teachers, educators, and trained/ skilled human resources contributing to the development of the nation.

5. Faculty of Agriculture

The faculty of Agriculture under Far-Western University provides programs in Agriculture with the aim of producing skilled and competent manpower to work in the field of agriculture in Nepal.  

6. Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management under Far Western University is the largest faculty of the university in terms of the prospect colleges, students and faculties. The Faculty provides programs for graduate and undergraduate degrees in the business and management field with the aim of producing manpower with leadership roles in all prospects of their desired fields, entrepreneurship and more. The faculty also plans to run MPhil and PhD programs.

5. Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law under the Far Western University was recently established in 2021. The faculty is now providing courses for undergraduate degrees. The program for the law was previously under the faculty of humanities and social science.

Central Departments

There are 7 Central Campus Departments under Far-Western University. They are listed and briefly discussed below:

1. Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

The Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology was established as an individual Department only at the end of 2074 BS. The university initially began providing BSc CSIT programs in 2069 BS with very less students but the department has been growing constantly in the due course of time with space, technology and human resources. The department provides 4-year semester-based programs to provide students with the optimum knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Technology.

2. Department of General Science

The Central Department of General Science under Far-Western University offers a world-class education in the field of Science and technology providing students of the nation and abroad with a learning experience designed to develop the capabilities of highly skilled technologists and intellectuals. This department was established to meet the demand of students of this region wanting to pursue higher education in the field of science and technology.

3. Department of Engineering

The Central Department of Engineering under Far-Western University offers courses for the engineering programs at the undergraduate level. The department was established to promote technical education in the region, the department currently has only a number of programs but the department has plans to add more programs soon.

4. Department of Management

The Central Department of Management of FWU is the leading department in the university. This Department provides excellent programs in the fields of business and management studies producing competent managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and business analysts at national and international levels. The department aims to become the centre of excellence for teaching methods, innovative skills and producing competent candidates for the business world of the 21st century.

5. Department of Education

The Central Department of Education at the Far Western University is one of the leading departments in the university in terms of the programs the department provides. This department has over a dozen programs with the most active and energetic faculty members. The department thrives to serve all aspects of Educational necessities and aspirations of the Nepalese people.

6. Department of Humanities

The Central Department of Humanities at Far Western University is responsible for developing all the courses and programs for Humanities and Social Sciences. The department currently provides courses for undergraduate, graduate, MPhil and PhD. This department has been constantly updating its programs, keeping the programs up to date.

7. Department of Agriculture

The Central Department of Agriculture is one of the younger departments at Far-Western University, and it is one of the three departments providing technical subjects. The University has been providing Bachelors Programs in Agriculture through the Tikapur Multiple Campus. The University is planning to affiliate with more colleges and add more courses, at different levels.

Campuses of Far-Western University

  1. Central Campus
  2. Tikapur Multiple Campus
  3. Darchula Multiple Campus
  4. Bajura Campus
  5. Triveni Multiple Campus
  6. Ghanteshwar Seti Mahakali Multiple Campus
  7. Sitaram Multiple Campus
  8. Janata Multiple Campus
  9. Jayaprithivi Multiple Campus
  10. Badimalika Campus
  11. Patan Multiple Campus
  12. Jagannath Multiple Campus
  13. Gokuleshwor Multiple Campus
  14. Kailali Multiple Campus

Academic Programs Under Far-Western University

There are many programs provided by Far-Western University through the different faculties and central departments it has. All of the programs are listed below:

Science and Technology Program:

  1. BSc in Computer Science and Information Technology
  2. BSc in Physics
  3. BSc in Mathematics
  4. BSc in Chemistry
  5. BSc in Environmental Science
  6. BSc in Microbiology
  7. BSc in Zoology

Humanities and Social Sciences Programs

  1. Bachelors in Political Science
  2. Bachelors in History
  3. Bachelors in Geography
  4. Bachelors in Economic
  5. Bachelors in Nepali
  6. Bachelors in English Literature
  7. Bachelors in Sociology
  8. Bachelors in Development Studies
  9. Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism
  10. Bachelors in Social Work
  1. Masters in Sociology
  2. Masters in Development Studies
  3. Masters in English Literature
  4. Masters in Economics
  1. MPhil in English Literature
  2. MPhil in Nepali
  1. PhD in English Literature

Education Programs

  1. Bachelors in Nepali
  2. Bachelors in English
  3. Bachelors in Health and Physical
  4. Bachelors in Mathematics
  5. Bachelors in Population
  6. Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology
  7. Bachelors in Special Need Education
  1. Masters in Nepali
  2. Masters in TESOL
  3. Masters in Health and Physical
  4. Masters in Mathematics
  5. Masters in Curriculum, Planning and Leadership
  6. Masters in Special Need Education
  1. MPhil in TESOL
  2. MPhil in Nepali
  3. MPhil in Curriculum, Planning and Leadership
  1. PhD in TESOL

Management Programs:

  1. Bachelors in Business Administration
  2. Bachelors in Business Studies
  1. Masters in Business Administration
  2. Masters in Business Studies

Engineering Programs

  1. B.E. Civil Engineering
  2. B.E. Computer Engineering

Agriculture Programs

  1. B.Sc. Agriculture

Law Programs:

  1. B.A.LL.B.

Curriculum Development Centre

The curriculum development centre is one of the most important bodies of Far-Western University. The CDC of Far-Western University is involved with the formulation, modification, and implementation of all the curricula of the Far-Western University in collaboration with respective subject committees. The boy is responsible for developing curriculums, conducting seminars, orientation programs and other workshops. It is responsible for publishing and distributing all the curriculums and other publications of the University.

Where is Far-Western University Located?

 Far-Western University’s central office is located at Bhimdatta Municipality- 18, Mahendranagar of Kanchanpur District, Far-West Province, Nepal. The location of the university’s central campus/ office and its constituent campuses are strategically chosen to give local people access to higher education in the Far-Western Province.


This blog “Far-Western University” discusses all the Faculties, Departments, Campuses and Programs of Far-Western University briefly. For notices and results published by the university, visit the Notice and Results webpages of our Website

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