Interesting Facts about Durbar High School

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Durbar High School (Nepali: दरबार हाई स्कुल) also known as Bhanu Higher Secondary School was established in 1854. It is located near Rani Pokhari in Kathmandu, it is also one of the oldest modern schools in Nepal. The school was initially intended to educate only Rana sons, but the founder of  Durbar High School Dev Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana opened it to the general public in 1901.



Initially, Rana’s children were educated in Thapathali Durbar, but Jung Bahadur Rana eventually transferred the school to Rani Pokhari, Kathmandu. Until the school was settled in Jamal, it had to move between Thapathali Durbar, Charburja Durbar, Seto Durbar, and Narayanhiti Durbar on a regular basis.

Finally, in 1891, the then-prime minister Bir Shumsher Rana ordered the construction of the current lengthy structure on the west side of Rani Pokhari. Durbar School was converted to a public school in 1900.  Later it was renamed Bhanu Madhyamik Vidyalaya in 1967.

King Pratap Malla established Rani Pokhari in 1670 and the school is located near it.  In the beginning, the institution was an elementary English school. who built durbar high school? In 1853, Jung Bahadur Rana withdrew from Europe after being humiliated by his incapacity to speak English, so he hired two English instructors to teach students from the royal families at his home.

Later, the school was relocated to Thapathali Durbar, and the first teacher was an Englishman named Kenning. The Durbar High School adventure began in a modest room in Thapathali Durbar, the first modern school in Nepal, although it was exclusively open to the reigning Ranas and their sons.

The institution began enrolling children of high-ranking government officials too from1876. As the school grew and courses were increased to ten, graduates encountered a problem. Their certificates were not accepted because the institution was not linked with any university.

Originally, the school was associated with Calcutta University as a feeder institution, and pupils had left for Kolkata during their high school entrance tests. The government’s costs were impacted as the percentage of students traveling to India rose year after year.

As a result, the Nepal government asked Calcutta University to build an examination center in Kathmandu, but the proposal was turned down. The institution later transferred its connection to Patna University, and an examination center was established at Tri-Chandra College, from which matriculation examinations were held in Kathmandu on a regular basis.

Nepal’s government established its very own S.L.C. examination board in 1933, so students no longer had to travel to India for their exams. Millions of people adore the old school structure, which is also archaeologically significant.

The Nepal earthquake in April 2015 devastated several components of the institution. The school was renovated with Chinese assistance. The four-story school structure, which spans 4,200 square meters and has more than 40 classrooms, was constructed on a 4,200-square-metre plot of land.


Durbar-High-School new

On September 8, 2020, the same buildings of Durbar High School, which was restored with the help of the Chinese government, were turned on to the school management.
Durbar High School will just have roughly 350 students by 2020. Durbar High School has 17 instructors on staff at the moment.

Eight of them are secondary school teachers. Three for lower secondary and six for primary. The school administration now has only seven employees.
The school is now offering new Play Group (Adventurous Ant), Nursery (Busy Bee), L.K.G (Creative Caterpillar), and U.K.G (Dancing Dragonfly) programs, all of which are taught utilizing the Montessori and KWHLAQ methods.

Sustainability Development Curriculum is taught in all classrooms. The school also plans to educate Robotic for Advanced Education and to develop a STEAM CLUB (a KMC Mayor initiative), with a greater emphasis on extracurricular activities. The school also intends to run grades 11 and 12 as well.

There is also a laboratory in the new building, as well as English-medium instruction. The number of pupils at Bhanu High School’s grades 6, 7, and 8 has now surpassed the maximum allowed. The school’s infrastructure has been designed to support 36 pupils in each class.

The number of pupils has increased to 587 after the building was completed, with 287 attending Bhanu High School as well as 300 from Sanskrit High School. Schools have become the most technologically advanced. The school’s management committee is working to promote the school and train instructors.

Due to the global threat posed by Covid-19, students are increasingly taking online lessons from the comfort of their own homes. Previously, the two schools had a total of 300 pupils.

Inside the structure, there is a scientific laboratory, yoga practice room, Ayurveda labs, computer labs, fireplace, two libraries, and a huge conference area. The Chinese government has given all of the physical equipment, including tables and chairs, for Durbar High School’s classrooms, which cost Rs. 855.9 million to build.

Inserting Facts about Durbar High School

1. The foundation of the Durbar School in 1910 BS marked the beginning of modern education in Nepal.
2. In 1942 BS, Durbar High School officially opened to regular Nepalese (by Bir Shumsher).
3. Rudraraj Pandey was Durbar High School’s first Nepali headmaster.
4. Jung Bahadur Rana retreated from Europe in 1853 due to the embarrassment of not being able to speak English, so he hired two English instructors to teach students from the royal families at his home.
5. Until the school was settled in Jamal, it was regularly moved between the five durbars of Thapathali Durbar, Charburja Durbar, Seto Durbar, and Narayanhiti Durbar.
6. Durbar High School’s first teacher was an Englishman named Kenning.
7. Durbar High School is the first modern school in Nepal.


Who established durbar high school?

Durbar High School was established in 1854 by Jung Bahadur Rana. Durbar High School is the oldest modern school in Nepal located near Rani Pokhari, Kathmandu. At first, this school was only for the sons of Ranas but was opened to public citizens in 1901 by Dev Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana.

When was durbar high school established in Nepal?

Durbar High School was established in Nepal in 1854 BS and was opened for only the sons of Ranas but later in 1901 was opened to public citizens.

Who was the first principal of durbar high school?

The first principal of durbar high school was ‘Akhilesh Prasad Azad’.


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