Karnali region facing shortage of 60000 textbooks

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In the Karnali area, there is a textbook shortage of around 60,000. Karnalika Surkhet, Dailekh, and Jajarkot have not received enough textbooks, according to the Janak Education Material Center Regional Office in Surkhet.

These districts have requested to send Sixty Thousand textbooks. There remains a minor deficiency of Nepali, Social, Science, Health, Physical and Vocational subjects in class eight, according to Dhan Bahadur KC of the Janak Education Regional Office.

Due to a printing delay caused by parents’ punishment this year, students were unable to get the book on time. The new academic year in Karnalika Himali begins in Falgun, while Baisakh begins the new academic year in Pahari. The half-yearly exams are approaching, and students and their parents who have not received the books are furious. Several schools have announced that they will proceed with teaching using the previous curriculum since they did not receive the new book.

For book sales and distribution in the initial phase, Janak Shiksha focused on rural and Himalayan areas. “Since the upcoming academic year will begin in February, the package has been sent on first priority,” added office head Kesile. Karnalika Mugu, Humla, Dolpa, Jumla, and Kalikotma are all among the books that have been delivered.

“We have decided not to purchase books in the districts with more people and students, even though we have agreed to cancel the bills issued earlier,” President Nepal said. “We have also agreed not to sell the book proportionately and judicially.”

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