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Governmental Medical Colleges; Preparations to establish them in all Province

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The government is preparing to establish Governmental Medical Colleges in all seven provinces of the cabinet. The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Devendra Poudel said that the proposal has been submitted to the cabinet regarding opening medical colleges in all the provinces of Nepal.

Poudel clarified that the government has to make preparations to set up medical colleges in all the states considering the fact that billions of rupees have been spent abroad for medical education by Nepali students.

Around Rs 197 billion is spent annually by medical students in Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, China and India, said Poudel in an event organised by the Federation of Professional Training and Employment of Nepal (FPTEN), Kathmandu.  The government has decided to establish medical colleges in the country itself considering the billions of rupees that are being spent abroad.

He also mentioned that the government has no intention of replacing the private medical colleges and has taken a policy to take the private medical college along with it.

Minister Poudel said that it has been decided to accelerate the work of extending CTEVT to all local levels. Minister Poudel also said that the government has taken steps to revise the policy from school level education to higher education to make education employment oriented.

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