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Quality of Education Improved After Schools started Lunch Program

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The students have appeared happier and even the quality of education has improved after students started having lunch on the premises of the school itself due to the arrangement of the lunch programs.

Even the students who haven’t been admitted to the school have joined the school due to the lunch program. With financial help from Nepal Government’s Education, Science and Technology Ministry and World Meal Program 239 schools in the Bajura are conducting Lunch Programs.

Students now appear happier with the lunch programs in the schools. They say they no longer have to come to school walking long distances and go back home for lunch as they get hungry during lunchtime.  The students no longer miss the classes as they no longer need to go back home for lunch, as students get lunch in the school itself, learning has been much more convenient and more students have joined the school.

Teachers also admit that the lunch program has brought many positive changes in education. Students who skipped school with the excuse of lunch at home have been staying in school full time for lunch. Due to complete attendance in classes, the education quality has improved as a whole.

The lunch program was successfully started after the Ministry of Education provided the necessary amount to the Municipality and the Municipality transferred the amount to the School’s account. The Government has distinguished Rs 15 for each student per day. With that amount, students are provided with Biscuits, chickpeas and beaten rice, and fruits. Schools that have implemented the meal system are providing students with rice, lentils, oil, and salt, but the schools that have not yet implemented the meal system are providing students with Rs 15 per day.

Chief Singh said the students who had previously dropped out of school have re-joined, as well as the number of dropouts is also decreasing.

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