Schools being mostly affected by nationwide protests

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Many small parties together announce nationwide strike AS Nepal Banda on Wednesday. They made the decision to show their disagreement of the government that is going to table the MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation) in the parliament.

In response, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a circular to DAO. Many parties disagree with the government’s plan to ratify an agreement with the MCC. Many critics has claimed that the agreement would lead to increased foreign interference. There are high chances of raising unrest if the agreement is ratified.

Whenever “Nepal Banda” and other strikes are announced, the sector that is mostly hampered is, “Education”.  Many colleges and schools have announced to close their classes today citing the issue. The academic calendar of various universities in Nepal has been affected seriously following the pandemic. The opposing parties must always consider the peaceful way of their disagreement rather than promoting violence and hampering educational system.

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