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Teachers and Students made a Robot that dodges barriers on its way

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The teachers and students of Nepal Engineering College (NEC) have developed an ­­­AI-based delivery robot with the investment of Nepal Science and Technology (NAST).

Sachin Shrestha and Rupesh Dahi Shrestha Professors of the Department of Electronics and Communication, Dinesh Dangol Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Abhinash Khatri KC Professor of Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering were the chef team members to build this robot along with Raju Shrestha, Saroj Chaudhary, Kumar Shrestha and Utsav Khadka, students of NEC.

The robot can function in both Automatic and Manual modes. A mobile app has been created to control the robot wirelessly. The robot can move back and forth as the user wants it. In the automated mode, the robot reaches the destination with the help of the connection between the robot and the main control unit of CCTV.

The destination is chosen with the help of a computer desktop app of the Nurse Station, once the destination is set the robot automatically reaches the destination dodging all the barriers that come in its way. Similarly, the robot can also ask humans to give them space to pass by if they come in contact with any human while reaching the destination. Rupesh Dahi Shrestha of the team said that the robot’s camera can monitor the environment around it and AI technology can detect the presence of humans on its way.

Apart from the main members, Suman Prajapati, Gyan Bhakta Maharjan, Sushil Shrestha and others have also played a significant role in making the robot, said Associate Professor Sachin Shrestha. He added due to the use of AI technology, many features can be easily added to the robot as per the requirement.

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