Tourism Booming in Nepal

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With the beginning of the spring season, tourism is booming in Nepal. Thousands of tourists have entered Nepal for Mountaineering and hiking during the spring season. According to the Mountaineering Branch of the Tourism Department, more than 500 climbers have taken permission to climb the 23 different mountains including Mt. Everest.

Compared to the previous years, the flow of tourists has increased in 2022.  The flow of tourists has been gradually increasing since the beginning of this year.

Hotels of Thamel are filling fast

The main destination of the tourists of Kathmandu, Thamel is currently getting filled with tourists. The hotels that were closed and greatly affected during this Covid Pandemic are filling fast with the arrival of internal and foreign tourists. The General Manager of the Hotel Ramada Encore, Mahesh Phunyal said, 70 rooms of the 90 rooms of the hotel are filled daily. Nilhari Bastola, manager of Yatri Hotel in Thamel and former vice-chairman of TAN said that the tourism sector this year seems positive and profitable.

The flow of tourists continues to increase

Kabindra Bhatta, an officer of the Nepal Tourism Board said more than 42,000 tourists arrived by air in March only. A total of 78,787 foreign tourists entered Nepal from January to March 2022. Last year’s March only 14,977 tourists visited Nepal. This year’s March tourist arrival is the highest number of tourists arrived in the country since Covid Pandemic.

Executive Chief of Nepal Tourism Board Dr Dhananjay Regmi said that the number of Indian and Bangladeshi tourists visiting Nepal has increased as the board has launched various programs targeting tourists from India and Bangladesh. “Nepal’s tourism sector, which has been plagued by corona for a long time, is slowly gaining momentum,” he said.

Back to normal

Hotel Association Nepal, an umbrella organization of hotel entrepreneurs in the country stated that the country’s tourism sector is slowly getting back to normal. The current president of the association, Binayak Shah said that tourism was gradually fined after two years of stagnation. He added that the tourism sector would bloom even further if one-month free visa and other packages as such were announced to attract the tourists.

Hotel entrepreneur Bharatraj Parajuli of Pokhara said that the entrepreneurs are excited as the tourism activities have increased in Pokhara. He said that the development and promotion of adventurous tourist destinations around Pokhara have given a boost to the country’s tourism.

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