NEB Permits +2 Social Examination to be Written in English as Well

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NEB Permits +2 Social Examination to be Written in English as Well

Date: April 28, 2023


The National Examination Board (NEB) in Nepal has recently announced that students appearing for their +2 exams can now write their Social Examination in English as well. This decision comes as a relief for many students who were previously informed that the exam had to be written in Nepali only.

The NEB has made this decision with the intention of catering to the increasing demand for English-medium education in Nepal. The move is aimed at providing students with greater flexibility in terms of language choice.

The decision has been welcomed by many students and educators alike, who believe that this will help in better comprehension of the subject and lead to better academic performance. This is because many students find it easier to understand and express themselves in English, which can have a positive impact on their grades.

The NEB has also stated that this decision will not affect the existing language policy for other subjects, which will continue to be taught and examined in Nepali. However, this move is seen as a step in the right direction towards providing more language options for students.

Conclusion: The NEB’s decision to allow +2 Social Examination to be written in English as well as Nepali has been welcomed by students and educators. This move is expected to provide students with greater flexibility and help them perform better academically. It remains to be seen whether the NEB will make similar decisions for other subjects in the future.

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