13 Schools have been Placed on Blacklist

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Within the municipal region, the Birgunj Metropolitan Corporation has banned 13 community schools. The Metropolitan Corporation will no longer provide any services or aid to those schools.

The blacklisted schools did not update the Integrated Emergency Management Information System (IEMIS) within the specified time on July 15, prompting Arvindalal Karna, head of Birgunj Metropolitan Municipality Educational Administration Division, to blacklist 13 community schools within the Birgunj Metropolitan Municipality area. He claimed that the Metropolitan Corporation will provide no services or subsidies to blacklisted schools.

Trijuddha, Nera Mavi Sripur, Vishwa Hindu Sanskrit Basic School, Sinduriamai School, Maktab Inaruwa, Nera Basic School Apauni Prasotipur, Parwanipur, and Maniyari are among the blacklisted schools in the country.

The Metropolitan Municipality’s short-sightedness and the fact that the school is not technology-friendly have forced some of the blacklisted schools to answer that they cannot update all of their activities.

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