16 Districts still aren’t literate

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14 years have passed since Nepal’s promised to eradicate illiteracy within 2 years, yet 16 districts of Nepal aren’t still declared literate. The government of Nepal had promised to eradicate illiteracy from Nepal in 2067 BS, yet when celebrating the 56th International Literacy Day all of the districts from Madesh Province are still illiterate.

Lumbini Province’s Kapilbastu, Karnali Province’s Mugu, Jumla, Humla, KaliKot and Dolpa, along with Far Western Province’s Kanchanpur and Doti, and all districts of Madesh Province are still illiterate. As of now, 61 districts of Nepal are declared literate, Province 1 is to be declared literate on Thursday and only Gandaki and Bagmati Province are declared literate.

Non-Formal And Alternative Education Division Director of Education and Human Resource Management, Nilkantha Dhakal informed that Kanchanpur will be declared literate on Thursday, on the same context he added it is possible to declare Nepal Literate in the next year, and we are making it happen.

Currently, the Centre does not have the exact data on illiterate people of age 15 to 65, but the Centre assures the number of literate people in all the remaining districts is about 75-90 percent. A district can be declared literate when 95 percent of the population within the district is literate.

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