20% of Students did not appear for Engineering entrance examination 2080/81

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More students applied for the engineering entrance exam at Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering Studies this year, but there were some issues. The exam was supposed to happen on Bhadra 25, but due to protests and conflicts, it took place on Kartik 14. Because of the delay, some students who also wanted to take the medical entrance exam couldn’t participate. In the end, about 20 percent of students didn’t attend the engineering entrance exam for the academic year 2080-81.

The problems escalated, and the exam board officials resigned, causing further delays. Eventually, the exam took place after negotiation and agreement. Out of the 10,000 students who applied, only 8,000 participated, whereas last year, 9,400 applied, and only 10% were absent.

The exam results are out, and the admission process has started. Students who want to apply for different campus quotas were asked to apply before Kartik 24. The first phase merit list has been sent to the campuses, and admissions will happen soon according to IOE.

Dr. Prada Hemraj Pant from Pulchok Engineering Campus mentioned that the number of participants decreased due to the shifted exam date and conflicts with the medical education exam. Despite challenges, the Institute of Engineering Studies remains a leading institution in Nepal, focusing on transparent admissions based on merit.

Established in 2029, the Institute of Engineering Studies aims to provide engineering manpower, training, and technical capacity enhancement. Currently, it has multiple campuses across the country. Additionally, various universities in Nepal have the capacity to educate around 10,000 engineering students per year. Read more: here

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