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414,481 students will sit for the SEE this year

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The local governments have started preparing for this year’s SEE (Secondary Education Examination) which is set to begin on April 22 and will end on May 3. For the management of SEE, the provincial government has formed a five-member examination committee in all provinces to manage and conduct SEE.

Chairman of National Examination Board (NEB) Mahashram Sharma said 414,481 students will be attending the SEE exams at 2,027 examination centres all across the country. He added that the NEB has already made the first amendment to the National Examination Board Rules 2076 to give the responsibility of management and conduction of the exam to the Provincial Committees for Examination.

The results won’t be published at the same time all across the country as per the new system for managing and conducting SEE. The results will be published after the provinces prepare and send the results to the board, thus the dates of publishing the results in the seven provinces will vary, Sharma said.

The NEB is currently printing question papers for the examination. And for the first time SEE will be held in a school in Japan. Sharma said, “The questions papers will be sent via email to a school in Japan where 19 students will be attending their SEE”.

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