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4TH CALL for R&D Project Funding Program

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Kathmandu University, School of Engineering, Programme Manager EnergizeNepal which has a partnership with KU  has published a notice announcing the 4TH CALL regarding the fresh Applications for Research and Development (R&D) Project Funding (ENEP) mainly focusing on the development of the energy sector based on research and industries of the country.

This opportunity by EnergizeNepal is open for Nepalese-based Research foundations and industries.

The notice was updated on 2020/04/08, Friday.

Key Info

  • The date for a call of application is 2022 April 09.
  • The deadline for the submission of the application is 2022 May 09.
  • In order to start the application process, the organizers have placed an Application Assistance Seminar on 2022 April 28 at Kathmandu University.
  • Applicants must send an e-mail by 2022 April 22 to the seminar with mentioned documents.
  • Click here to view the necessary documents.


Here, is an image of the original notice brought up by KU:

4TH CALL for R&D Project Funding Program
R&D Project Funding Program

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