79 parties recognised for Local Elections

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For the upcoming Local Elections on May 13, the Election Commission has recognised 79 political parties. Spokesperson of Election Commission Shaligram Sharma Poudel said 79 parties have been recognised from 80 political parties that applied for registration. One political party did not meet the requirements set for party registration thus could not be recognised, he added.

The election code of conduct is being prepared for the local poll and will come into effect following the Election Commission Decision. He added the code of conduct will be published in the Gazette (Raj Patra).

Only 6 parties that have the status of the national party after the 2017 elections will get the same election symbol and the remaining 73 out of 79 will not have a  uniform electoral symbol for their candidates. Small parties have complained regarding the decision to which Poudel said the EC would take decisions on Election Symbols according to the existing laws. The complaining parties have been lobbying and staging a protest to revoke the provision and said it was discriminatory.

The EC has set maximum expenditure limits for candidates who are applying for different posts. The commission itself has cut expenses as it believes that elections should not be costly.

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