972 Nepali Students Pursue Medical Education Abroad in the Current Academic Year

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972 Nepali Students Pursue Medical Education Abroad in the Current Academic Year

Date: May 24, 2023


A total of 972 Nepali students have ventured abroad to pursue medical education in the current academic year, with the majority seeking undergraduate studies.

In the current academic year, a significant number of Nepali students, totaling 972, have embarked on their educational journey overseas to pursue medical studies. Among them, 701 individuals obtained licenses for undergraduate studies, 266 for post-graduation, and five for fellowships in 2079.

Additionally, since September 2018, one student has been granted permission to pursue graduation and seven for post-graduate studies through the Ayurveda Council. Similarly, the Nepal Health Professional Council has granted permission to 288 students for undergraduate studies and 244 students for post-graduate studies.

Furthermore, 696 students have acquired permission from the Nepal Medical Council for graduation, 428 for post-graduation, and 27 for further specialization. The Nepal Nursing Council has granted permission to 288 candidates for graduation and 63 for postgraduate studies. Similarly, 103 candidates have received permission for graduation, and 31 for post-graduation through the Nepal Nursing Council.

Interestingly, in the current academic year, Nepal has also attracted 406 foreign students who have arrived to pursue undergraduate studies in medical education, along with 15 students seeking post-graduation. Among the foreign students, three are from Maldives, 388 from India, one is a U.S. citizen of Nepali origin, nine from Sri Lanka, and three from Indonesia, as announced during a press conference organized by the Medical Education Commission.

Affiliation to two, letter to 70:

The Medical Education Commission (MEC) has initiated the process of granting permission to 70 educational institutions to offer various medical education programs. In a press conference today, the Commission disclosed its decision to affiliate two educational institutions in Kathmandu, namely Manmohan Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences and Kathmandu Model Hospital, to conduct nursing programs.

As per the Executive Committee’s decision on May 15, the Commission approved the affiliation of these two institutions for nursing classes.

Furthermore, the Commission also issued letters of intent to 60 educational institutions, allowing them to conduct programs in nursing, general medicine, radiography, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and medical lab technology.

During the meeting, the Commission approved the medical education policy, human resource projection, and the national curriculum format for medical education. Vice-Chair Sri Krishna Giri also confirmed the approval of a program and budget totaling Rs 434.2 million.

In Conclusion: The current academic year has witnessed a substantial number of Nepali students pursuing medical education abroad, with a total of 972 students leaving the country for their studies. Additionally, the Medical Education Commission has taken steps to grant affiliation to two institutions and issue letters of intent to 70 institutions, enabling the expansion of medical education programs in Nepal.

Attribution: Medical Education Commission, Vice-Chair Sri Krishna Giri

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CTA: For more information on medical education and the latest developments in Nepal, visit the Medical Education Commission’s official website or contact their office.

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