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Class 12 Account NEB Model Questions Set A and Set B (2079 / 2080)

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Model Questions

Class 12 Account NEB Model Questions Set A and Set B (2079/2080)


See the pdf of model questions set A by NEB for the Class 12 Account.


Here we have another model question of Set B published by the NEB, available for those who wish to practice more.



The Class 12 Account Model Questions 2079 / 2080 published by NEB is an excellent resource for students preparing for their accounting exam. This PDF includes a comprehensive set of model questions covering all the important topics and concepts that students need to know for their exams. By practicing these model questions, students can get a good idea of the types of questions that will be asked in the exam and improve their confidence and accuracy in answering them. Overall, this PDF is a valuable tool for any student looking to excel in their Class 12 accounting exam.


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