Admission in Baishakh, and classes begin on Jestha 1

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The new academic session of 2079 BS will be starting from the 1st Jestha of the coming year. “The examination will be conducted during mid-Chaitra, and the results will be published by the end of Chaitra,” says the Center¬†for Education and Human Resource Development.

It has been argued that the district’s Education Development and Coordination Unit should be in charge of monitoring. School-level exams and other activities will be held only during Baisakh, as conducting examinations during Chait will have an impact on the children’s education.

The recruitment drive for 2079 BS private schools will begin on Chaitra and last until the end of the year. “Right now, Corona isn’t as risky,” said Sharma.

Students will be recognized based on their physical presence rather than just their academic performance. Some community levels have set school-level examinations for Chaitra.

REFERENCE: Gorkha Parta



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