After four months, student still hadn’t received the book

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The commencement of the new educational year was four months ago. The school systems in Dhankuta have been unable to provide fresh textbooks for their children even after four months. The basic and secondary students in this area have reported that they’ve not gotten their textbooks, despite the fact that the academic year’s session began on Jestha 1.

Golkhadi Secondary School at Sangurigarhi local municipality-7, Mahabharat, Rai district, Vinita Rai, a 14-year-old student, is enrolled in Class 8. A complete copy of his new book is still pending. I’ve heard that when the academic year begins, we get new books. However, we still don’t have all the books. Added Rai. Using outdated texts, according to Rai, has a lot of drawbacks. He laments the absence of any old books and the fact that they have been destroyed.

Sudiksha Rai, another 15-year-old girl in class 9 at the same school, lamented the lack of textbooks in her possession. She laments how her academic progress has been hampered by a lack of books. We study the same book in class, but Rai claimed that at home she had problems reading and completing her assignments. She claims that even at school, many students are required to utilize the same book.

Only 75% of the Golkhadi Secondary School students have a set of brand-new books. Some people get by by requesting old textbooks from graduates of the course. However, the class’s students whose textbooks have been replaced don’t even receive their previous copies. The school’s headmaster, Harilal Shah, reportedly expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that although the local level had made the payment, no decision had been made to procure all of the books.

The issue with books is not exclusive to Golkhadi Secondary School; it affects the entire district. Twenty percent of the kids in the rural municipality of Sangurigarhi do not have the new books, said the education department. Shahidbhoomi Rural Municipality’s chief of education, Umes Rai, claimed that the first trimester exam was held due to a lack of textbooks. “Last year, Corona caused the quality of instruction to decline; this year, books have become an issue,” Rai remarked.  All in All, even in the market area’s schools, there is a book shortage.

As per an agreement with the seller, a Janak Shiksha Material Center officially did not send the book, according to Nagendramani Shrestha, Chief of Education Branch for Dhankuta Municipality. Books are more of a concern in classes 4, 6, 7, and 9, when the subject has altered. In Dhankuta, there are 94 secondary schools and 190 primary schools. In all schools, there is a lack of books.

According to Dhankuta’s Education Development as well as Coordination Unit, there are no concerns concerning a scarcity of books. Following his comprehension of the situation, Mohan Rai, the head of Dhankuta’s Education Development & Coordination Unit, stated that the letter had been changed to give books for parent’s educational resources. Rai stated, “I will talk to all towns, and if there is a shortage, I will write to the Janak Shiksha Material Center immediately.

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