Agriculture University Selected 100 Students for Training in ISRAEL

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100 hundred students studying in the final year at the Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) are going to Israel. The students are being sent to there in collaboration with AFU and Ramat Negev International Training Centre of Israel.

Students selected from the University’s Selection Committee are being sent to Israel. Dr Shiv Chandra Dhakal, Planning Director of the University and Secretary Member of the Selection Committee said that the students have been selected under the Agriculture Work-Study Program. To send the students, the university sought applications from faculty and affiliated campuses.

According to Dhakal, 273 students had applied to participate in the program, out of which 168 students were selected for the interview through Round Robin. Out of them, 100 students were selected and 25 have been placed as alternatives.

Students going to Israel will stay there for 11 months. An agreement has been made that the students will work for 5 days, study for one day and get a one day leave. The University expects that the students in this program will come back with technology and skills along with Rs 12 Lakhs for the work they did there.

According to the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr Punya Prasad Regmi, the students will return with the skills and money they attained and they will be fully capable to work individually and in groups after coming back. Students who will go only after giving the final year examination of the Bachelor’s will receive an academic certificate from the university only after their return to Nepal. The university is going to withhold the educational certificate to prevent the students from staying in Israel.

Regmi says that the program was started to prevent the decline in the attraction toward agricultural education. This program was done by the university for the first time, and preparations have been done for the students to leave for Israel by the last week of Shrawan.

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