All Education Notices in One Place

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All activities and notices related to Schools, Universities and Technical Education Institutions operating across the country will be available in one place. To make this possible Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has issued a notice regarding an integrated educational information management system. The Ministry said all local and provincial levels will be notified through the Education and Human Resources Development Centre for the implementation of guidelines.

Notice Management will be maintained by coordination with Federal, Provincial and Local levels through electronic mediums. The initiative was imposed by the Ministry to achieve the goal of maintaining good governance by ensuring the quality of education by obtaining and managing the educational details at all three levels.

Educational Institutions have developed separate information systems for Information and data management. Education Ministry Spokesperson Deepak Sharma said that the directory has been issued, and the information system will be managed as per the guidelines issued in the directory.

According to the guideline, all physical buildings in all educational institutions, movable and immovable assets of educational institutions, class and departmental students, educational programs, students, educational achievements, teachers and staff, as well as details of the operating and non-operating days of the educational institutions are to be updated to the concerned body as mentioned in the directory.

Along with details of the working and non-working days and management, all educational institutes must update other information if it is deemed important by the Ministry. All the mentioned information is to be updated every three months. However, the details regarding private information will not be shown or used by anybody. Spokesperson Sharma informed after the implementation of the directory, it will be easier to maintain an inter-relationship between all types of educational institutions and maintain the authority of details, monitor and evaluate educational achievements and programs, protect the property of educational institutions and properly manage them.

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