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All Levels and Structures of the Education will be reoriented

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Devendra Poudel, Minister of Education, Science and Technology said, in order to bring social justice, peace, progress, equality, and human rights to our Nepali Society, all levels and structures of education will be reoriented.

Addressing the second Asia-Pacific Regional Education Minister’s Conference in Bangkok organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the Government of Thailand, Minister Poudel stressed the need to restructure all the current structures of Education along with types of equipment and the current delivery of service.

He said good governance, parental education, community participation, diversity in the delivery of service, use of technology, and capacity building of teachers should be done by updating the existing laws, policies, and curriculum timely.

Addressing that the Asia Pacific’s Structural restructure, reorienting, and renewing mindset is necessary, Minister Poudel formulated the Free and Compulsory Act 2075 and the National Education Policy 2076 to maintain the aim of Educational Rights by the Constitution of Nepal and Sustainable Development by the United Nations. He also said that the education sector should be immune to future possibilities of pandemics like Covid 19.

Stating that the Constitution of Nepal views Education as a right, Poudel said the government is committed to providing free education to the needy and disabled people.

From the next month, the government is planning to start School Education Sector Plan (ESP 2022-2030) and will be addressing the marginalized and excluded regions, he said.  Involvement of all concerned county’s Education Ministers and High Officials at the conference has given much importance to education and has helped to make a pathway for the education reform.

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