Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality Promotes Student Skills with “Earning While Learning” Program

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Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality Promotes Student Skills with “Earning While Learning” Program

Date: May 02, 2023


Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality in Tanahun has initiated a program to promote students’ learning and earning. For the first time, the municipality has started the “Earning while Learning” program at Chandeshwari School in Ambukhaireni-4 Amdandabensi, aimed at making students skilled and self-reliant.

The program aims to connect students with skills, labor, production, and the market to produce self-reliant citizens. The chairman of the rural municipality, Shukar Chuman, said that this program was initiated to make students self-sufficient and develop their skills. The project was launched in the first school with the goal of making school-level children self-reliant.

As part of the program, students have begun ginger cultivation. They have planted 175 kg of ginger and 165 kg of turmeric root in two plantations, where the students themselves dug the garden and planted the crops. According to the school principal, Kuveer Dhakal, the program will help students develop practical skills in addition to academic knowledge.

Santosh KC, the head of the agriculture branch of the rural municipality, informed that the rural municipality will implement this program in other municipalities based on the availability of school land, demand, and needs. The main goal of the program is to connect students with learning and skills, and the rural municipality will support the marketing of the agricultural products produced under this program.

Conclusion: The “Earning while Learning” program in Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality is an initiative to promote students’ skills and self-reliance through practical education. By involving students in ginger cultivation, the program will not only provide additional knowledge but also help students develop practical skills.

Attribution: Based on a report by Education Sanjal.


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CTA: Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the “Earning while Learning” program in Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality. -Gurubaa!

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