Are SEE and +2 Students Preparing Themselves for the Coming Examinations?

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The pandemic coronavirus (COVID 19) is affecting every sector including the educational calendar. The pre-planned exam schedule has already been postponed. The so-called developed nation are facing problems in controlling the coronavirus which might be a serious issue for Nepal too if not taken strong action at a time. Thus, the government has extended the lockdown period and put on restriction to the public in gathering and conducting events. The exam would be organized soon if the situation is under control.
SEE and +2 (NEB) exam appeared students are found to be mentally disturbed and unaware when their board exam would be held. The entire country is trying its best to prevent and control this pandemic situation. Students are suggested to utilize this crucial period by revising their course rather than being frustrated. They must spend time practicing by preparing a regular routine and covering all the subjects. They can watch online classes and spent time in preparing notes.
Many institutions have started providing online classes but this might not be suitable for every school/college and teacher. Students shouldn’t miss revising their course in a daily basis. It is the best time to improve the handwriting and boosting up the writing speed. Time management is another important task that students must be prepared for. Despite multiple negative effects of this pandemic, student must be able to grab opportunity and prepare themselves for their academics.

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