Audio Books Provided to Community Schools in Raghuganga Rural Municipality

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Audiobooks were provided to 33 community schools by Raghuganga Rural Municipality of Myagdi district to ensure technology-friendly teaching and learning.

Amrit Subedi, an Administrative Officer at the Rural Municipality informed that the audiobooks were provided focusing on basic education and technologically facilitating teaching up to Grade 5. The program was launched under the theme “Balbalikako Ichchya, Prabidimaitri Sikshya”; Technology-Friendly Education: Children’s dream.

Each audiobook set was bought for Rs. 65,000, said Subedi. Orientation was provided to the teacher on the digital under the same budget of Rs.2.2 million.

The audiobooks will be used along with the print books and it would boot the teaching techniques, said a teacher from the municipality. The students are also very eager to use digital books as they are both entertaining and informative.

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