Australia Reports High Number of Colombian Students in History

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Australia Reports High Number of Colombian Students in History


According to an update from Austrade, Colombian student numbers for Australia have reached an all-time high, exceeding 28,000 by the end of 2022, thanks in part to the efforts made by Austrade to get prospective students back to in-person recruitment events across Latin America. Austrade has expressed optimism about the 2023 academic year and notes that there were Study Australia pavilions at BMI recruitment fairs in Colombia, as well as in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico throughout October, with Austrade supporting for “greater reach and influence.”

Brazilian Student Numbers in Australia Bounce Back after Pandemic: Over 24,000 Enrolled in 2022

Brazil also shows a strong bounce-back after the pandemic, and while commencements have lagged behind enrolments, the cost of airfares has decreased, leading to a lower price of flights between São Paulo and Australia. At the end of 2022, there were 24,554 students from Brazil studying in Australia.

Austrade Signs Agreement with FIDERH to Boost Mexican Student Recruitment

Austrade also noted that Mexico’s international student figures are not as strong as those of competitor markets like Canada, which have seen a rise in the number of Mexican students in recent years, but it continues to have significant potential. Meanwhile, Austrade has signed an agreement with the Bank of Mexico’s student loans provider, FIDERH for collaborative marketing and events.

Austrade optimistic about student scholarship schemes in Latin America

Chile’s foreign student scholarship scheme, Becas Chile, reopened in 2022, and Austrade is optimistic about its growth, despite the low number of applications it has received since the pandemic. Peru and Paraguay’s scholarship functions with scholarships for Australian study have confirmed a new intake of students and announced a call for new applications, and the association between Peru and Australia remains strong due to the renewal of an Australian student loan option through the country’s national bank, BCP.

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