Australian Government: International students cannot work full time

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International students’ right to work full-time in Australia has been limited. The Ministry of Home Affairs announced in a statement that the benefit of allowing students to do more than the mandated curriculum will be removed, beginning with the start of the next fiscal year.

Working time limit is 40 hours a week for international students in Australia. Later, due to the prolonged border closure and recurrent lack of employees due to corona infection, the Australian government granted students the right to work full-time. Students were given the opportunity to work legally for 80 hours in two weeks under this. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Home Affairs Immigration and Citizenship Department issued a public warning stating that this privilege will expire on June 30, 2023. After that, no more than 40 hours per week of work will be allowed for students.

In order to address the shortage of workers in the special sector, the government has kept the change in the deadline for obtaining ‘post-study work rights’. The extension of the deadline for international students studying in shortage-hit regions has been announced by Home Minister Claire O’Neill a few weeks ago.

When making this choice, the Australian government has promised to take a cautious and deliberate approach, and it will examine the situation carefully. According to experts, the government has made the same decision with regard to this concession. Former Australian government economic adviser and economist. This is a normal choice, according to Krishna Hamal. He feels that it is unlikely that the decision to shut down will be altered next year.

According to Arjun Thapaliya, a Sydney-based student who works in this field, the government’s most recent choice may have financial implications for students. “In the current environment, nursing and other programs have high expenses,” he said. Students, on the other hand, said that since the government had only given them short-term adjustments, they should readily accept this change.

However, higher education expenses in Australia may vary from 20,000 to 38,000 Australian dollars (Rs 1.6 million to Rs 3 million) per year depending on the institution and academic program.

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