Bachelors in Interior Design

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In Nepal, Bachelor in Interior Design (BID) program provides students with complete technical and professional skills before landing in the work field of interior designing. Bachelors in Interior Design course combines theoretical and practical knowledge relating to the study of Interior Design. It is a course that introduces a creative multifaceted discipline for students who wish to work in all areas of the built environment thriving to make the interior spaces functional, aesthetically attractive, culturally enhanced, and optimum a quality-of-life experience. BID program focuses on technical and design elements, and organizational and interpretation skills. The program provides a balanced range of theoretical, experimental, and intellectual skills needed to deal effectively with the responsibilities of professional interior design life.

Purpose of the Program  

BID program is designed to produce professional designers in Nepal. The subject was underrated, but it is growing in popularity as people search for attractive and functional spaces. With the completion of this course, students will be able to work as professional designers to serve people of such professional needs. Students of this program can also work as Freelance Interior Designer and the respective course can be a stepping stone for a student who wishes to pursue further studies in this field.

The purposes of the course are:

  • To make students understand, plan and create an interior design-related environment.
  • To train students to analyze, design, and implement systems regarding Interior Design.
  • To serve the needs of the users who want a functional, attractive, and comfortable area that pleases them
  • To provide a sense of place for group and individual activity within both public and private spaces.
  • To develop the abilities and interpersonal skills in people to advocate for effective participation and leadership in this field.

Course Duration

BID (Bachelor in Interior Design) is a three-year (six semesters) full-time course provided by Purbanchal University. The duration might vary depending on the Institute and its program structure.


This curriculum provided is by Purbanchal University.

Semester I
  • Math
  • English-I
  • Graphic & Drafting-I
  • Visual Arts
  • Interior Design Modeling
  • History of Interior
Semester II
  • English-II
  • Graphic & Design-II
  • Sculpture and Anthropometric
  • Building Material-I
  • Color
  • Interior Design Studio-I
  • History of Interior-II
Semester III
  • Furniture Design
  • Lighting and Acoustics
  • Building Material-II
  • Building Construction-I
  • Interior Design Studio-II
  • Photography
Semester IV
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Building Construction-II
  • Water Supply/ Sanitary
  • Electrical/ HVAC
  • Interior Design Studio-III
  • Climatology and Thermal Aspect
Semester V
  • Internship/ Practicum (3 months at a reputed firm, Consultants Construction Company, or Related Fields)
  • Reports Preparations of Internship Practicum
  • VIVA Voce of Internship / Practicum
Semester VI
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Costing and Estimating
  • Interior Design Studio-IV

Admission Eligibility

The willing candidates should have a 10+2 schooling background from any recognized Board or University with English proficiency. This is an Open course meaning students from all educational backgrounds like Science, Management or Humanities can apply for this course. Students must undergo an Entrance Exam to get admission and must have a score of at least 45% or CGPA above 2.00 from any recognized Board or University.

Job Prospects

A professional course in Interior Design provides a combination of theoretical, practical, and technical skills to counter in the field. The course provides a complete package of basics to professional knowledge from color, drawings, sketches, designs to space planning, material section, model making, lightening principle, structural and object-based designing skills for all commercial and residential sectors.

An interior designing expert is in demand in the country for private to public environment settings uh as private housing, public cinema halls, hotels, restaurants, office designs, clubs, and so on. Firms such as architectural firms, construction firms, building development firms, event management firms require interior designing expertise for their customers.

An interior designer can work as:

  • Interior designer
  • Event designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Theatre designer
  • Textile designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Marketing specialist
  • Film and television set designer



Interior Design provides a safe space to explore creativity. This flexible field will let you unleash your creativity alongside fulfilling the increasing demands of this professional who can create a beautiful and functional space for people. It is a growing on-demand profession with boundless creative opportunities all around the world. BID degree will help you unleash your creativity and your technical skills to counter the competitive progressing world in terms of comfortable, functional, and eye-catching interior spaces.

In Nepal, the BID (Bachelors in Interior Design) course is provided by Purbanchal University through its affiliated Kantipur International College. A similar course Bachelors in Interior Architecture is provided by IEC College of Art and Fashion. We hope, this Gurubaa blog will assist you to research a suitable degree and college that will provide you with the necessary information and experience in your chosen field of study.

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