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Bagmati Working to Establish more Higher Level Educational Institutions

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Speaking on the occasion of the Eighth Conference of Health Scientists in Kathmandu, Rajendra Prasad Pandey, Chief Minister of Bagmati province has said that the state is currently working to establish Higher Level Educational Institutions in Science and Technology fields for study, research and teaching.

Bagmati has already passed a bill related to Higher Level Education which will bring in investment in the field of Science and Technology for building Universities for the study in the field, claimed Pandey. He added that a separate Act will be made on the same bill.  He is also willing to work with Nepal Health Research Council in the state research field.

He said that the state is ready to release a separate budget for research in the forthcoming budget and also to form a state health research council by making legal arrangements.

Chief Minister Pandey said the provincial government has moved forward to build higher educational institutions in the field of science, technology, study, research, teaching, etc. We have recently passed a bill regarding it which will help to invest in the field of science and technology and will also help to build universities regarding the research. We have recently passed the bill for research on the Cash promotion program. Based on the same policy, we will soon make an Act on it and the Bagmati Province move forward in the field of Research.

We are ready even if we have to form a Bagmati Province Health Research Centre, limit our budget or make legal arrangements for the Research, said Pandey. He said they are open to collaborating with The Council for Bagmati Province Health Research Field. Previously, we have always considered an expenditure for research a waste of money but now we are trying to set an example in the research field to influence the rest six provinces.

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