Bachelor in Arts, Bachelor in Laws (BALLB) in Nepal -Tribhuvan University Annual Program, Fees, Scopes, Jobs, Salaries, Syllabus

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Although recently introduced, Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Laws (BALLB) is one of the most sought-after courses in Nepal. BALLB program is available in many colleges and campuses of Nepal with affiliation with various universities within the country. This blog will discuss accurate facts regarding BALLB offered by the Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University to aid to explore this course based on its scope, fees, syllabus, jobs, salaries and much more.

What is Bachelor in Arts, Bachelor in Laws?

BALLB or Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Laws is a full-time 5-year course offered by Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Law. BALLB is an integrated degree of a Bachelor in Arts and a Bachelor in Laws. The Course is developed for the students who wish to pursue study in law along with the knowledge of the society provided through the Arts aspect infused in the course.

The program is conducted as a self-sustained program in full fee schemes and all the students will be taught and assessed in English. BALLB is a 5 year, full-time course requiring Students’ dedication and regularity in classes. It is also provisioned that students must have a minimum attendance of 80% attendance to appear in the final examination.

Students will be taught through classroom lectures, discussions, case studies, question answers, research, skill development classes, tutorials, workshops and more. Students will be taught Legal systems, Comparative and Nepalese Legal Systems, Legal Methods, Constitution, Political Science, History and other related topics. All the subjects taught are brought to train students as manpower in the legal field who have sound knowledge of Society, Nation and Legal Systems.

Main Objectives

The main objectives of the BALLB program offered by TU are as follows:

  • To cultivate manpower equipped with the skills, proficiency and integrity
  • To develop a sense of responsibility to society, nation and the world
  • To produce a ground of lawful excellence with global and indigenous understanding.
  • To advocate understanding law and society through research
  • To foster efficient manpower in the field of law and justice.

The field of law and its study has had a long history and it is not only limited to the courts but to multiple fields. The graduates of Law can work in different fields and pursue a variety of areas related to it. From being an advocate, judge to being a legal advisor, a graduate of BALLB can work as a legal body helping people in areas of business, service and many more. Graduates of law are sought by many people in private and public organizations.

Students who wish to join this course under Tribhuvan University must gear up as there are only a couple hundred seats available to the students in a limited number of colleges/ campuses.

Scope of BALLB in Nepal

BALLB is growing in popularity among students who wish to study law. Thousands of students compete every year to get admission to the BALLB course provided by TU. The Graduates of the Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Laws course can pursue many careers, initially, the graduates can seek jobs in the following areas: 

  • Attorney
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Bailiff
  • Attorney
  • Barrister

The graduates can work in various fields and can pursue different careers and titles.

Fee Structure for BALLB Course

The fee structure for a BALLB Course can range differently according to each educational institution. There are private and public colleges in Nepal affiliated with various universities of Nepal, and the total cost of the Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in LawsCourse may vary according to the institution. Any government educational institution may charge around NRS 3,00,000 to NRS 4,00,000. But private institutions may charge up to NRS 6,00,000.

Admission in BALLB

All the graduates of the 10+2 examinations are eligible to apply for admission to the BALLB program, for that students must take the BALLB entrance examination. Under Tribhuvan University, among all who give the entrance test, only 280 students are granted admission. And out of the 280 seats, few seats are reserved for the backwards/ minority community.

To become eligible for admission to the Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Lawscourse under TU, all the candidates must undergo the BALLB entrance exam conducted by TU. Students must fill up the Application form distributed by the offices of TU; Dean’s Office, Nepal Law Campus and Prithivi Narayan Campus.  An application form will cost Rs 100 each, and each student must pay a fee of Rs 1200 for the entrance exam.

Entrance Examination

All students must undergo BALLB Entrance Examination to gain a chance for Admission to the Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Laws program. The entrance examination will consist of objective and subjective questions, and the students will be marked out of 100. Look at the following table to get a clearer view of the examination structure;

S.NQuestion typesTotal MarksTimeDescription
1.Objective Questions30*1=3030 minsMultiple Choice Questions
2.Subjective Question Long Answer QuestionsShort Answer Questions  1*20=20   3*10=30      2 hours and 30 mins    Knowledge of Law
3.Creative Writing (Approx 300 Words)20 English Language Test
 Total Marks100  

Syllabus for the Entrance test

The students preparing to attend the BALLB Entrance test must cover all the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Law and Kinds of Law
  2. Importance and Role of Law in a Society
  3. Sources of Law
  4. General Introduction to Rights and Duties
  5. Person: Kinds of Person (Legal and Natural Person)
  6. General Introduction to Constitution
  7. Fundamental rights under the Constitution of Nepal

All the questions asked in the entrance examination will be asked from the mentioned topics. Only the students who passed the BALLB entrance examination are eligible for joining the Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Laws course, it is a must that the students are well prepared.

Documents Required for the Entrance Exam Application

The following documents must be submitted when applying for BALLB Entrance Examination:

  • Marksheet/ Transcript and Certificate of (10+2) or PCL or Equivalent
  • Character Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Registration Number (if available)
  • Citizenship Certificate

BALLB Syllabus and Subject List

The Syllabus and the Subject List provided below are based on the BALLB annual program by Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Law:

BALLB 1st Year Subject List

  • PS 351: Political Science
  • So. An. 352: Sociology and Anthropology
  • Hist. 353: History
  • L. Eng. 354: Legal English
  • L. Nep. 355: Legal Nepali
  • Law 357: Legal Method
  • Law 358: Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal System


  • Eng. 356: English (instead of Legal Nepali for Foreigners)


  • S. Eng 359: Seminar in English

BALLB 2nd Year Subject List

  • PS 375: International Relation And Diplomacy
  • Eco 376: Economics
  • SW 377: Social Work
  • Law 378: Jurisprudence
  • Law 379: Constitutional Law
  • Law 380: Procedural Law

Optional Subjects:

  • Law 381: Media Law
  • Law 382: Fiscal Law
  • Law 383: International Trade Law
  • Law 384: Equity and Torts
  • Law 385: Law and Social Welfare

BALLB 3rd Year Subject List

  • Law 451: Criminal Law
  • Law 452: Public International Law
  • Law 453: Law of contract
  • Law 454: Property Law
  • Law 455: Method of Legal Research And Writing
  • Law 456: Law of Evidence
  • Law 457: Clinical Law-I Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Law 458: Seminar-1

Optional Subjects

  • Law 459: Election Law
  • Law 460: International Air and Space Law
  • Law 461: Refugee Law
  • Law 462: Gender and Inclusive Justice
  • Law 463: Law, Poverty and Development 

BALLB 4th Year Subject List

  • Law 551: Administrative Law
  • Law 552: Family Law
  • Law 553: Environment Law
  • Law 554: Criminology and Penology
  • Law 555: Taxation Law
  • Law 556: Labour Law
  • Law 557: Moot Court, Pre-trial Preparation and Participation in Trial
  • Law 558: Clinical Law-II Litigation Advocacy
  • Law 559: Seminar-II

Optional Subjects:

  • Law 560: Socio-Economic Crime
  • Law 561: Forensic Science
  • Law 562: Law of the Sea and International River
  • Law 563: Private International Law
  • Law 564: Law of Insurance

BALLB 5th Year Subject List 

  • Law 581: International Institution and Human Rights
  • Law 582: Company and Corporation Law
  • Law 583: Juvenile Delinquency
  • Law 584: Interpretation of Statutes
  • Law 585: Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments
  • Law 586: Professional Ethics and Lawyering Skills
  • Law 587: Clinical Law-III Project Work
  • Law 588: Seminar III
  • Law 589: Dissertation

Optional Subjects:

  • Law 590: Victimology
  • Law 591: Forensic Medicine
  • Law 592: Intellectual Property Law
  • Law 593: Cyber Law
  • Law 594: Population Law
  • Law 595: International Humanitarian Law

Salary of BALLB Graduates

Upon completion of the BALLB course, a graduate might get approximately earn Rs 30,000. The amount is the minimum for the students working in the legal field of Nepal. As a person pursues higher education and upon promotion in their job, a person may earn an average of 90,000 NPR. The salary of the legal representative can be much higher than that, the salary of the job holder will also depend on the job title, experience and other factors.

Is BALLB better than LLB?

BALLB and LLB are well-known courses in the area of study in Law, both courses will prepare the students to work in the field of law, making sure the students are well-versed in the practice and legal system of Nepal. BALLB is a 5-year long course and LLB is a 3-year long course offered by Tribhuvan University.

LLB (Bachelor in Law) is solely the study of Law and its most closely related subjects, while BALLB (Bachelor in Art Bachelor in Law) is an integrated course offering subjects of Law along with the subjects of Arts. Along with that significant difference, the aspirants of LLB must also be graduates of other subjects/ courses/ programs prior to joining the LLB Course. 

Other Universities offering BALLB Courses?

Along with Tribhuvan University, many other universities in Nepal also offer BALLB Program. The universities that offer BALLB courses in Nepal are mentioned below:

  1. Tribhuvan University
  2. Kathmandu University
  3. Purbanchal University
  4. Gandaki University
  5. Rajarshi Janak University
  6. Mid-West University
  7. Lumbini Buddhist University
  8. Far-Western University

Can BALLB Students go Abroad?

BALLB student is a program focused on the study of the Law of Nepal. The program is designed in a way that the students are well-versed in the legal system of Nepal and its associated subjects. If a student is considering pursuing BALLB in Nepal and moving to other countries for jobs and higher studies, then their degree holds no value. The BALLB degree of Nepal is only validated within the grounds of Nepal, although many laws of Nepal and other countries might be the same, the legal system will not validate your education to practise law in a foreign land. Unless the BALLB graduate holds the license to practise law in countries abroad.


This blog discussed all features of the Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Laws (BALLB) in Nepal. The BALLB program of TU is described in detail with the introduction, syllabus structure, subjects, tuition fees, admission, Eligibility and more.

Visit Gurubaa for details on the program.

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