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BBA/BHM/BHCM/BFDM/BTTS Exam Form Notice for II, IV, VI & VIII Semesters


This is to inform you that the Purvanchal University, Office of Examination Management, Biratnagar has published the Exam Form Notice for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) BHCM (Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management) BFDM (Bachelor of Fashion Design and Merchandising) and BTTS (Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Studies) II, IV, VI & VIII Semesters.

The notice was published on the 5th of Falgun, 2079.


View the original image pdf published by Purvanchal University below.

All eligible students are advised to fill out the exam forms within the specified deadline. It is important to note that the exam form submission is a crucial step in the examination process, and failing to complete it within the given time frame will result in disqualification from the examination.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming exams. – Gurubaa.

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