Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

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Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Canada


Are you an international student studying in Canada and in need of a part-time job to support your expenses? Or perhaps you’re someone who’s interested in working in Canada and wondering what your options are? Look no further! In this blog, we will discuss some of the best part-time jobs for international students in Canada, as well as the requirements and benefits of each job. Whether you’re looking for a job as a server, tutor, dog walker, salesperson, or delivery driver, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore the exciting opportunities that await you in Canada!

1. Server/Barista

Working as a server or barista is among the most popular part-time jobs in Canada for international students. To qualify, students are usually required to have a high school diploma and exhibit strong communication skills in English. Though not the highest-paying job per hour in Canada, servers and baristas earn tips from customers, which can significantly boost their income. In Canada, customers are expected to pay between 15-18% in tips. Additionally, working as a server or barista comes with flexible working hours, which is a plus for students who are juggling work and uni.

2. Delivery Services

Delivery services are an excellent option for international students in Canada. This can involve delivering passengers, food, or packages. If you work for a company that provides on-demand services, you can work whenever you like. To qualify, you must be 18 years old, have a driver’s license, and own a car. If you don’t own a car, you can be a bicycle courier instead. Most major cities in Canada have bicycle food delivery services such as UberEATS, which offer lower pay than car couriers, but owning a bicycle is cheaper than a car.

3. Tutoring

Tutoring is another common part-time job for international students in Canada. You can tutor whatever you’re good at and work part-time with elementary or high school kids as a way of earning money while still completing your degree. The average wage a part-time tutor in Canada receives is about US$15 per hour. The process of finding a job is more tedious than other part-time jobs, but there are several sites that help students secure tutoring jobs.

4. Dog Walker

If you love dogs, being a dog walker may be a perfect part-time job for you. Many dog owners work long hours, and dog walking has become quite a popular part-time job in Canada. On average, dog walkers in Canada earn about US$20 per hour. However, being a dog walker requires more flexibility than other jobs. Depending on your responsibilities and the number of dogs you walk, you may be able to charge more. You could even work for yourself by finding your customers, rounding up the dogs, and hitting the streets.

5. Salesperson

Working as a salesperson is an excellent part-time job for international students in Canada. It teaches you a wide range of transferable skills, and you can earn good money and have flexible working hours. This is an excellent job for weekends when shoppers hit town and city centers. The pace of the job depends on where you work, from a clothing boutique to a corner shop or even a supermarket. Salaries vary depending on the location.

In conclusion, these are the best part-time jobs for international students in Canada. Each job comes with its own set of challenges, but they offer flexible hours and are an excellent way to earn money while still studying. With the recent change in Canadian regulations, international students can now work more hours per week, which is a relief for many who are struggling to make ends meet.

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