Broadband Internet to be Connected to All Schools in 66 Districts

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Broadband Internet to be Connected to All Schools in 66 Districts

Date: [26th May 2023]


A memorandum of understanding(MOU) has been signed with local levels to provide access to broadband internet to all community basic schools in 66 districts, excluding the earthquake-affected districts and Kathmandu Valley.

Under the program aimed at connecting and operating broadband internet services in community basic schools, a memorandum of understanding has been established to mobilize the rural telecommunication development fund. The initiative intends to connect broadband internet in all schools across 66 districts, except for the eight districts impacted by the earthquake, namely Kavrepalanchok, Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dolakha, Sindhuli, Ramechhap, and Okhaldhunga, along with the Kathmandu Valley.

To ensure access to broadband internet, the procedure outlined by the authority for providing connectivity through the local level will be followed. The rural telecommunication development fund issued by the authority in 2078 will be utilized for this purpose.

Furthermore, community basic schools will have the option to choose their own service provider. However, they must comply with the public procurement regulations and engage in negotiations with the respective local level. Once a service provider is selected, the relevant local level must be informed.

In Conclusion: The initiative to connect the broadband internet to all community basic schools in 66 districts aims to bridge the digital divide and provide students with enhanced educational opportunities. The memorandum of understanding signed with local levels and the utilization of the rural telecommunication development fund demonstrates the commitment to expanding internet access in schools.

Attribution: NTA(Nepal TeleCommunication Authority)


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CTA: Stakeholders are encouraged to support and monitor the implementation of this initiative, ensuring equitable access to broadband internet for students in community basic schools across the 66 districts.

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