CAAN warns of legal action against Seven Airlines, the airlines yet to pay millions to Government

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Seven Airlines that were shut down years ago are yet to clear dues costing millions. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has warned legal actions against these non-operating Airline Companies. Despite several notices to clear the dues, the companies have constantly ignored the notices.

CAAN has issued a seven-day ultimatum for the companies to clear the uncleared dues on Monday. According to the notice, CAAN is preparing to blacklist the firms and operators based on Airport Service Charge Regulations 2010. The regulation says the firms will be banned to be involved in any services or businesses related to civil aviation in the future.  And as per Article of Civil Aviation Authority Act 1996, CAAN warned that their bank accounts could be frozen and the passports of the managements could be revoked.

Account Executive of CAAN, Shikha Sharma said that CAAN is forced to take legal actions against the companies as they have been ignoring the notices since 2019. CAAN has been issuing three notices every year since 2019.

Mountain Air, Cosmic Air, Shivani Air, Gorkha Air Necon Air, Skyline Airways and Air Kasthamandap altogether have to clear about Rs. 91.70 million dues.

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