Class 12 Notes

Class 12 Business Studies Notes Nepal

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Do you want to score a satisfying mark in NEB? If so, you’ll need to be well-versed in the basics of Business Studies for those studying in Class 12.

In this content, we have introduced you to almost all the notes for the Class 12 Business Studies subject. This content is helpful for those looking forward to preparing for NEB (National Examination Board) exams.

On the basis of the Units, the notes are being released. This allows readers to choose which topic they prefer to study on our page. This note covers topics of the units like the nature of management, the principle of management, Planning, marketing, human resources management, and many more.

Click on the links of 14 Units of Business Studies provided below to view:

Unit1: Nature of Management

Unit 2: Principles of Management

Unit 3: Planning

Unit 4: Organizing

Unit 5: Decision-Making

Unit 6: Direction

Unit 7: Motivation

Unit 8: Leadership

Unit 9: Supervision

Unit 10: Communication

Unit 11: Co-ordination

Unit 12: Controlling

Unit 13: Risk Management and Insurance

Unit 14 : Emerging Management Concepts

By studying these notes, students will be able to understand better the business landscape and the challenges and opportunities that businesses face, which will do well if focused by students on these Notes.

The content’s material is drawn from a variety of sources across the internet. The majority of these materials originated from our cherished students, and we are not responsible for them. Our pages may occasionally include advertisements that we didn’t agree to.

If you notice anything that is breaching copyright, please contact us so that we may prevent it. We will do our best to assist you. We respectfully request that you let us know if there are any mistakes or discrepancies in the information provided to you so we may fix them.

This article gives a brief overview of the different concepts covered in this subject note and how they will help in preparing for the NEB examination. We hope that these notes will help you gain a greater understanding of the concepts that are covered in this course and allow you to excel in your examinations. Good luck!

Note: These materials will not be available to access offline, so you’ll need an internet connection to see them.

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