Class 12 Exams to be Held From The Second Week of Jestha

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NEB has published a notice regarding the grade 12 exams; claiming that the exams will be held from the second week of Jestha.

The news of the upcoming exams has left students worried about their incomplete courses. Students claim the courses are barely halfway through according to the syllabus. Even if the syllabus is completed by Chaitra, there won’t be enough time for preparations, said students.

The college usually gives a month preparation holiday to the students before the exam but students believe they might have to use the preparation holiday for classes. Students said the 40 mins online classes haven’t proven much of a help for students to understand. Furthermore, the news of the upcoming exam has put both the students and teachers under pressure.

Officials say that there is no possibility of postponing the examination for the time being. The academic sessions have been disturbed for two years, postponing the exam will have a long-term effect on the flow of regular academic sessions.

The decision of exam wasn’t only of NEB, it was taken after discussing the academic situation with the district education coordination of every district, the head of regional and provincial units, and the Ministry of Education. The exam will be held addressing after addressing the class and course situation of every college and district.

NEB assures that the Exam routine for grade 12 will be published within this month.



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