Class 12th Answer Book Test Affected, Partially Suspended in Bagmati and Other Provinces

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Class 12th Answer Book Test Affected, Partially Suspended in Bagmati and Other Provinces

June 28, 2023


The examination of class 12th answer books has been significantly affected due to the ongoing protest by the Secondary School Teachers Union (Histun). The protest, which began today, has led to the partial suspension of answer sheet testing in Bagmati Province and a complete halt in six other provinces.

Histun, with its 18-point demands, called for the protest, resulting in the disruption of the answer book examination. The National Examination Board, Provincial Examination Management Branch in Birendranagar, Surkhet, Karnali Province, had its examination room locked by Histun members. Chairman Tika Neupane stated that testing work has come to a complete stop in Sudurpaschim, Biratnagar, and other provincial offices of the board. President Neupane confirmed that the testing of class 12 answer books will not resume until June 19.

Shankar Tiwari, the general secretary of Histun, explained that the protest, aimed at exerting pressure on the government, not only affected the partial testing in Bagmati Province but also led to a complete suspension in other provinces. In coordination with the board, the testing of class 12 answer sheets has been postponed nationwide for one week, starting today. Tiwari mentioned that although a few students attempted the test in Bagmati Province, it could not proceed as planned.

Histun President Tika Neupane pointed out that the quality of education has suffered as the government enforced classes 11 and 12 within the quota of 4,000 grants provided in 2067. He emphasized that the contributions of long-serving teachers were not adequately recognized. Neupane called for the addressing of teacher-related issues in the Federal Education Act, such as ensuring that teachers who have been continuously employed until the act’s implementation receive permanent positions through a special internal competition conducted by the Teachers Service Commission. This would ensure that age limits are not applied to them once in the UMAV II category. President Neupane stated that Histun has initiated a phased movement to advocate for the recognition of currently existing posts as thematic posts during the internal competition and the replacement of teachers without teaching permits.

The ongoing protest by Histun has disrupted the testing of class 12 answer books, affecting students across Bagmati and several other provinces. The demands put forth by Histun highlight the need for comprehensive reforms in the education sector, specifically in terms of teacher recruitment and recognition. The consequences of this disruption may have far-reaching implications for the education system as a whole.

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