Class without Students

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Ghorahi, 20th, 2020 July.

In the Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city of Dang, monitoring for instructional growth at community schools has begun. The Department of Education has launched a monitoring initiative in public schools to gather information on the number of students, instructors, and physical infrastructure of the schools.

While there are gripes about the education department’s failure to improve the educational status of community schools, officials have initiated monitoring to comprehend the state of institutions, the number of kids, and the efficacy of lunch programs, according to Narayan Prasad Poudel, officer for Ghorahi sub-metropolitan education ministry. Mr. Poudel tracked the number of kids in the school, the state of restrooms, the state of classrooms, the status of teachers’ workloads, whether educational materials were utilized/not utilized during instruction, and whether scholarships were distributed/not. He said that they are investigating if sanitary pads are offered for female students, as well as whether they are given food/not given food in accordance with government standards.

Some schools exhibited more students in attendance during the check, and it was seen that the teachers were leaving with their attendance,” said Paudel, the branch officer, “We will also take action against the teachers who leave the school without knowing how many pupils are there and misappropriate the lunch money throughout the monitoring.”

The number of students in classrooms was discovered to be fewer than the numbers in registers at schools such as Ratri Primary School in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis-4 and Basic School Sunpur. The names of students who had been away from school for a long period were discovered in the register, as well.

The monitoring committee has instructed that the names of students who miss school for a long period be removed from the register, according to branch officer Paudel. “We have given instructions to make students attend or delete their names since it has been noticed that the lunch money is misused while displaying the numbers,” he said.”In some classrooms, there were more textbooks than there were students.”

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