CMAT Preparation in Nepal

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Central Management Aptitude Test commonly known as CMAT is a test for all high school graduate students who aspire to pursue any of the many courses provided by the TU Faculty of Management. The Aptitude test CMAT is annually conducted by Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management, usually in the months of August / September after the Grade 12 results are announced.

Students who wish to pursue the BBM, BHM, BIM, BMS, BPA, BTTM, BBA, and BBA-F courses at TU must take the CMAT entrance examination test mandatorily to be enrolled in the colleges to pursue their further academic careers. Taking the CMAT test will open doors for all the Bachelors in Management courses mentioned above.

CMAT test is a common test for the students all over Nepal to test their aptitude and reasoning, and this test is compulsory for all students thus the test is highly competitive testing a test taker’s/ student’s aptitude and caliber for admission in the listed programs. Only after appearing for this test, do the students get their scores helping them get admission to their desired college.

CMAT Test Structure

cmatThe CMAT is a 100 mark test conducted within 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes). The entire test consists of 100 multiple choice questions and the entire test is divided into 4 streams/clusters/sections. Each section of the four consists of 25% marks weightage, simply; each stream/ section has 25 questions out of the 100.

The four sections of the CMAT tests are:

  • Verbal Ability (25 marks)
  • Logical Reasoning (25 marks)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (25 marks)
  • General Awareness (25 marks)

Negative scoring will not be applied in this test; thus, it is advised to attempt all the questions in the test.

Eligibility for CMAT in Nepal

CMAT is conducted by Tribhuvan University, and the eligibility of the test takers is set by the TU Faculty of Management. The test takers/ students of all academic backgrounds who have secured a minimum of D+ grade in all subjects of 11 and 12,  students who have attained an overall 1.8 CGPA, or students who have second division marks in 10+2 or Students who are waiting for grade 11 and grade 12 results can also apply. However, they have to submit a passed certificate of grades 11 and 12 at the time of admission.

Documents Required to fill CMAT form

For students waiting for results

  • SEE/ SLC or Equivalent Mark Sheet
  • SEE/ SLC or Equivalent Character Certificate
  • Grade 11 Mark Sheet
  • Garde 12 Internet Print Copy with College Verification

For Passed out students

  • SEE/ SLC or Equivalent Mark Sheet
  • SEE/ SLC or Equivalent Character Certificate
  • Transcript or Equivalent
  • Provisional, Migration, or Character Certificate

How to register for CMAT?

The test taker/ students can register for CMAT both online and offline. After the Covid pandemic, TU added the facility to register for the test online. The application forms for CMAT are available on the official website of the Faculty of Management: Students can easily fill up their registration form online by following these steps:

  • Download the online form from the official website of FOM. (
  • Fill up the CMAT Application, filling up all the details asked for.
  • Submit the CMAT Application Forms to colleges offering the programs you desire.
  • Pay CMAT registration fees via colleges.

CMAT Admit Card

The CMAT Admit Card can be collected from the respective college administration where the students had submitted their application form or the Admit Card can be downloaded from the website of the TU Faculty of Management. The downloaded copy of the Admit Card must be verified from the college where students submitted the form.

CMAT Exam Centre

The Exam Centre notice will be issued by the colleges that provide CMAT Admit Cards. The Exam Centre is going to be set according to the symbol number provided on the Admit Card, the students are expected to appear in the respectively assigned exam center set as per the symbol number.

What to Expect in the test?

The test will consist of 4 sections, each section constituent of 25% of the entire test. Each section of the test is titled: Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness, and every section are different and thus testing the students/ test taker for different. Here is a list helping the test takers/ students know what to expect in each section of the test:

Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability is the English section, this stream will test your English and will be consisting of 25 marks worth of multiple choice questions. Here you will find questions that consist of 4-5 sentences such as fill-in-the-blanks, identification of word meaning by selecting the correct synonym and antonym, idioms, sentence correction, identifying the correct sentence, etc.

For Syllabus: CMAT Preparations Syllabus

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is the IQ section, this stream will test the test takers/students’ Logic and IQ, and it will be consisting of 25 marks worth of multiple choice questions. A CMAT question on Logic and Reasoning typically tries to measure a candidate’s understanding of the problem as a whole.

A variety of Logical Reasoning questions are included, from Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Visual Reasoning to Directions to Arguments. Understanding the questions on the CMAT’s Logical Reasoning section is essential for scoring well.

For Syllabus: CMAT Preparations Syllabus

Quantitative Aptitude

Quadratic Aptitude is the Math section of the test, this stream will test the test takers’ ability to solve basic math problems. This section of the test will be consisting of 25 marks worth of multiple choice questions. Mathematics and Statistics are the major topics of the CMAT Quantitative Aptitude section.

For Syllabus: CMAT Preparations Syllabus

General Awareness

The key to cracking the CMAT is general awareness. General Awareness is the General knowledge section of this test, this stream will test the general knowledge of the test takers/ students. This section will be consisting of 25 marks worth of multiple-choice questions. Developing a daily habit of reading the newspaper can be helpful while preparing for a general awareness test as it can consist of a huge source of information.

For Syllabus: CMAT Preparations Syllabus

CMAT Preparations

cmat preparationsCMAT exam in Nepal is one of the most awaited tests for high school graduates in the country. The test is conducted by Tribhuvan University for students all over Nepal, this test will determine if the students will get to study their choice of Management Course. CMAT is a competitive test for the students of Nepal who are aspiring to join the Management Faculty at Tribhuvan University, this is a mandatory test and if the test takers want to join Management Course at TU, they must sit in the CMAT Exams.

CMAT test is designed in such a way that the students need not be of Management Faculty to participate in this test. The Students/ test-takers taking this test can be of any faculty management, science, education, arts, and the test taker/ student can still appear for this test. There are 100 questions in this test, out of the whole, the test is divided into four testing different qualities. Each section is worth 25 marks and constitutes 25 questions and the questions will not focus on the management aspect favoring previous aspects.

The Four sections will test the student’s English, IQ and Logic, Mathematics, and General Awareness. Thus, students from any educational background can Participate in this test. But only appearing in the test will not land you in the course/ college you want to, you need to have excellent results. Prepare well for the test, as a test taker/ student will be competing with students all over the country.

Getting higher scores on the CMAT Exam will be easier with proper preparation. There are many CMAT preparation institutes in Kathmandu, among which Gurubaa is one of the best institutes that has an excellent CMAT Preparations Course for all the test-takers, helping them with proper guidelines and preparation to excel in the test.

In Gurubaa, the students will be provided with exemplary help and preparation. You can expect the following from us:

  • Preparing at Gurubaa will be a great experience, Gurubaa stands as a top institute for CMAT Preparations. The students preparing for the CMAT exam will be guided properly in all aspects required, in skills, knowledge, and techniques to excel in the exam.
  • Gurubaa is well equipped with infrastructures like efficient classrooms, multimedia, and highly experienced teachers aiming to provide the best for the students preparing for CMAT.
  • The students will also participate in mock tests, giving the students a real exam like environment focused on building confidence and enhancing learning.
  • The learning experience here at Gurubaa will be one of a kind for the students, we strive to make sure all of our students are prepared and well equipped for all the questions asked as well as prepared for the other parts of the CMAT testing procedures.
  • Students will be given classes till the exam date, fully preparing them with all four sections of the test as well as tips for the interview in the admission procedure.
  • Special counseling from the industry experts will also be provided to the Gurubaa CMAT Preparation participants.
  • Along with the CMAT preparations, we also provide a few extracurriculars like share market training.

Gurubaa CMAT Preparation Package

gurubaa cmatGurubaa aims to provide the best for the students, we believe in producing well-learned, advanced students ready for the real world. So, we aim to provide the best facilities for our students motivating them to strive for better. Our CMAT preparation package provides the following to the students;

  • Preparation classes till the CMAT Exam date.
  • Special teachers for each section of the test.
  • Free study materials like books, notes
  • Preparation classes with the proper curriculum set
  • Multiple Mock Tests
  • Admission Interview Preparation
  • Arrangement of Scholarship for deserving students
  • Share Market Classes

After CMAT exams, Courses you can Join

CMAT opens doors for many courses in Nepal under Tribhuvan University,  the students can pursue the following courses at Tribhuvan University.

1. Bachelor in Business Management (BBM)

Business Management at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester industry-based management course providing critical and analytical skills with extensive knowledge about different aspects of the business. With affiliation from Tribhuvan University, more than 50 business colleges offer Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)  all over Nepal.

2. Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)

Hotel Management at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester course preparing students for the hospitality industry at an administrative level in the field of hotel and catering enterprise. With affiliation from Tribhuvan University, more than 10 Hotel Management Colleges offer Bachelors in Hotel Management all over Nepal.

3. Bachelor in Information Management (BIM)

Information Management at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester IT and Management Integrated Course aiming to develop IT (Information Technology) skills along with professional expertise in management and decision making. With affiliation from Tribhuvan University, more than 26 Business/ IT Colleges offer Bachelors in Information Management all over Nepal.

4. Bachelor in Mountaineering Studies (BMS)

Mountaineering Studies at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester multidisciplinary natured course aiming to produce internationally standardized skills, attributes, and values through foundation courses in management, mountaineering, and tourism. This course is available at Nepal Mountaineering Academy with affiliation from Tribhuvan University.

5. Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)

Public Administration at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester course designed to empower the students in Public Management in public, private, and NGO sectors. This course is offered by the Public Administration Campus and 4 more colleges with affiliation from Tribhuvan University.

6. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM)

Travel and Tourism Management at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester course designed to groom professionals for the dynamic and growing industry of Travel and Tourism in Nepal. About 4 colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University offer the course Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management in Nepal.

7. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Business Administration at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester course educating students aimed to prepare them for handling managerial positions to start a professional career in business or public management. With affiliation from Tribhuvan University, more than 48 colleges provide Bachelor of Business Management in Nepal.

8. Bachelor of Business Administration Finance (BBA F)

Business Administration Finance at Tribhuvan University is a 4 year, 8-semester industry based management course offering an understanding of the real market situations through research, project works, and internships aiming at the domestic and global industry environment.

How to Join Gurubaa CMAT Preparation Class?

Gurubaa provides an extensive CMAT Preparation Class, to Join us, you will need to fill up the CMAT Admission Form with accurate information. Our Gurubaa team will reach you within 24 hours and call you for an office visit. In our office, you will be further guided to our CMAT Preparation Classes. Counseling and thoughtful Guidance will be provided to all students by industry experts who choose Gurubaa CMAT Preparation Class.

To fill out the form click:  CMAT Admission Form.

Thank You for Visiting Gurubaa!!

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