Community Schools in Jhapa Shut Down Temporarily as Excessive Heat Persists

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Community Schools in Jhapa Shut Down Temporarily as Excessive Heat Persists

Date: June 01, 2023


As the temperatures continue to increase in the Jhapa district at a alarming rate, authorities have taken decisive measures by temporarily shutting down community schools. With the mercury reaching a scorching 40 degrees on Wednesday, the severity of the heat wave prompted this necessary action.

Mechinagar Municipality, recognizing the severity of the heatwave, has issued a directive mandating the closure of all community, religious, and institutional schools within its jurisdiction for two consecutive days, specifically on June 1 and 2. A similar decision has been made by the schools in Kachanakabal Rural Municipality, which will remain closed for a more extended period, from June 1 to 5. To make up for the lost instructional time, it has been proposed that the duration of summer leave will be adjusted accordingly.

In Conclusion: The decision to close the community schools in Jhapa district temporarily is a precautionary measure taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the students amidst the sweltering heat. By reducing summer vacation time, authorities aim to minimize the disruption to the academic calendar caused by the closure.

Attribution: The closure of the community schools in Jhapa district has been implemented by the respective local levels, Mechinagar Municipality and Kachanakabal Rural Municipality, in response to the rising temperatures.

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