Crores worth Multi-Technical Building Unused

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Building infrastructure for the Multi-Technical field in Karnali Province built with financial help from the Government aid hasn’t been used for educational purposes despite being complete for 2 years. The nation’s Investment of Rs. 1,20,00,000 seems to go to waste as the building isn’t used for education.

Amar Bahadur Shahi, Principal of Mansarovar Namuna Secondary School said that although the buildings have already been built for conducting classes in Multi-Technical fields they are still not being used as additional programs have not been brought. He said the building was constructed to teach engineering fields but no programs have been brought for teaching engineering, thus the building is still unused. According to the initial plan, the programs/ courses related to the engineering courses were to be brought to conduct classes in the building, but no programs have been brought and thus classes have not started yet.

Sub Engineer of Social Development Office, Dharma Raj Bohora said that a four-block building costing Rs. 1,20,00,000 was built for the Multi-Technical field two years ago. The total budget also includes DPR Preparation, State Government Grants and School Management Labour Donations. The constructed buildings have 11 rooms. A DPR of Rs 5 Lakhs was also created for the construction of the building.

Since no additional programs have come from the province, the school has prepared to run the Diploma Program for CCTV Engineering and a hostel for the students. The School clarified that the subject is being taught in two classrooms of the School. The school is planning to run programs in the building with the intention of using the vacant building, and the classrooms that are currently in use for classes are narrow.  

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