CTEVT Grants Special Scholarships to 640 Individuals for Technical Education

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CTEVT Grants Special Scholarships to 640 Individuals for Technical Education

Date: May 28, 2023

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has recently awarded special scholarships to 640 students from 99 municipalities, enabling them to pursue technical education despite limited access.

In an effort to promote technical education and bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, the CTEVT has granted scholarships to deserving students who previously lacked opportunities in this field. Among the recipients, 80 individuals have been awarded three-year diplomas, while 18-month pre-diploma students and 400 three-year diploma-certificate students have also received prestigious scholarships.

According to the CTEVT, the scholarships have been distributed across different provinces. Specifically, 26 students from the Koshi province, 29 from Madhesh, 10 from Bagmati, 14 from Gandaki, 9 from Lumbini, 7 from Karnali, and 4 from Sudurpaschim have been chosen as beneficiaries.

To support the scholars throughout their educational journey, the council has outlined various financial provisions. Each student will receive a monthly living allowance of Rs. 3,500, an annual transportation grant of Rs. 1,500, and an annual clothing allowance of Rs. 2,500.

The offered courses for the three-year diploma include

  • Civil Engineering,
  • Geomatics Engineering,
  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Civil (Specialization in Hydropower) Engineering,
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering,
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plant,
  • Animal Science, and Civil Engineering.

Additionally, scholarships for 18-month pre-diploma programs have been provided in agriculture, forestry, automobile engineering, and civil engineering subjects.

In Conclusion: CTEVT’s initiative to provide special scholarships to 640 students for technical education is a significant step toward promoting inclusivity and equal access to educational opportunities. By supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds, the council aims to empower and equip them with valuable skills for a brighter future.

Attribution: CTEVT

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CTA: For more information on CTEVT and its scholarship programs, please visit their official website or contact the council directly.

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