Delayed textbook delivery impacts education in the Manang district

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Delayed textbook delivery impacts education in the Manang district

Date: May 8, 2023


The children of Manang district are facing difficulties in getting an education due to delayed textbook delivery. While adverse weather conditions make transportation of textbooks through mules a challenge, parents claim that the tendering process through bookshops has further slowed down the process.

Mukhiya BK, the principal of Phu Basic School, stated that the textbooks are transported through mules in the absence of a motorable road in the region. However, the weather conditions have made it difficult to deliver textbooks to the students, and even when they are delivered, it seems that old books are given to them.

According to Krishna Das Koirala, the principal of Popular Secondary School, textbooks for the district have to be brought from the Sapkota bookshop of Bhoteodar in Sundarbazar Municipality of Lamjung. Although the publisher claims that textbooks are delivered on time, they arrived in Manang a month late.

Four out of 28 schools in Manang teach up to the secondary level. Annapurna, Bhanu, Popular, and Prakashjyoti Secondary Schools are among them, and residential classes have been arranged at Popular and Prakashjyoti Secondary Schools. However, delayed textbook delivery has made it challenging for students to study and keep up with their classes.

Conclusion: The absence of a depot(production place/storage place)to bring books in the district, coupled with the tendering process, has made it difficult to get textbooks to students in Manang. This delay has significantly impacted the education of children in the region.

Attribution: Mukhiya BK, Principal of Phu Basic School; Krishna Das Koirala, Principal of Popular Secondary School

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CTA: Let us work together to find a solution to ensure that the children in Manang receive an education without any disruptions caused by delayed textbook delivery.

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